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I'm Kelly! I am a NYC-based theater-maker. 


I believe in the magic of ensemble, storytelling, and humor. I am an "athlete of the heart" - and sometimes I go to yoga.

I studied Musical Theater at NYU/ Tisch School of the Arts, as a proud member of the New Studio on Broadway. I studied Shakespeare in Performance at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London, was a member of the inaugural ensemble of the Shakespeare Academy @ Stratford in CT and most recently, trained as a member of Fiasco Theater's 6 Week Conservatory. When I am not onstage, I work as a teaching artist, sharing my love of all things voice, speech, and Shakespeare primarily with young people. In addition, I work as ESPA Student Services Associate at Primary Stages.

Whether you want to collaborate on a future project or want to learn more about iambic pentameter, I would love to hear from you!

Feel free to send me an e-mail at kellymletourneau@gmail.com!




by Kate Hamill

directed by Jason O'Connell


Playhouse on Park

February 19 - March 8



"Actors also jump generations, with, for instance, the same person who plays impetuous youngster Lydia also assuming the bent-over, fussy, elderly role of Lady Catherine. At Playhouse on Park, Kelly Letourneau is a treat in this double-whammy."

-Christopher Arnott, Hartford Courant

"...as the energetic and excitable LydiaKelly Letourneau is a perfect fit."

-Joseph Harrison, BroadwayWorld

Though the entire cast shines throughout, the coveted “Howard Noticed You” Award is presented to Kelly Letourneau, in her dual roles as both Lydia Bennett and Lady Catherine... provid[ing] an effervescent and all together an unforgettable performance that one can surely state would make  a “parent proud” event but I simply state you are aphenom”!

-Howard Steven Frydman, The Howard