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RED NOSES, directed by Orlando Pabotoy at NYU

It’s 1348 France and the Bubonic Plague is obliterating the population. Father Flote, however, remains hopeful in the face of death, gathering his merry band of Noses to bring laughter and joy to the suffering people of Auxerre. A moving and dark comedy, RED NOSES explores the relationship between power and performance during times of chaos as well as times of “normalcy.” Join us on this journey!

I am so excited about my most recent project, RED NOSES by Peter Barnes, directed by Orlando Pabotoy, at NYU Tisch School of the Arts. This is my final production at NYU/ Tisch’s New Studio on Broadway, and I could not be more thrilled to tell this story with the talented, generous ensemble of RED NOSES.

I will be wearing many different hats in the production– as the nervous Archbishop Monselet, the austere Dr. Antrechau, a leper, and a Boutros Brother (a one legged dancer- yeah!).

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