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Fiasco Theater's 6 Week Conservatory

This fall, I went back to school as a member of Fiasco Theater's inaugural 6-Week Conservatory.

And it was the best decision I've ever made.​

Fiasco Faculty Liz Hayes & Zachary Fine and Fiasco Artistic Directors Noah Brody, Ben Steinfeld, and Jessie Austrian with the 6 Week Conservatory ensemble.  Photo by emmadee photography

I am beyond grateful for this paradigm-shifting program.

It is a gift to spend my days with these generous theater-makers (classmates and teachers alike), to rigorously investigate Shakespeare's texts, and to explore and expand my understanding of what it means to breathe, to speak, to play, to experience, to be human.

Fiasco Theater's 6 Week Conservatory has given me ways (and games!) with which to approach acting and Shakespeare's texts, but perhaps more importantly, this program has ignited within me an insatiable curiosity and a hunger to create theater in a more thoughtful, radical way.

The Conservatory may only be 6 weeks, but the lessons and people will continue to teach and light my way for years to come.

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